About us

  1. We are a group of Marxists, all of us active in the labour and socialist movements to advance the cause of the working class. We come from different traditions but we have a shared objective in developing the ideas of Marxism through debate and discussion, and in advocating for them in the labour & socialist movements and beyond.
  2. Historical experience demonstrates the need for socialists to have a clear programme for changing society. The capitalists in all their guises have nothing at all to offer us. Their allies within the labour movement seek to deceive and mislead the working class into accepting that there is no alternative to the present capitalist system.
  3. There is no serious challenge to the capitalist system from any direction. In the UK we are left with a few small socialist groups and probably a few thousand unorganised Marxists.
  4. We believe that we can, and must, do much better. We believe that building a working-class socialist party as a mass force to rid ourselves of capitalism and to establish a new socialist society is both necessary and possible.
  5. How do we get from these small, disparate numbers to a mass force capable of challenging and defeating capitalism? We want to discuss with other Marxists, socialists, working-class militants, and anyone interested in the ideas of fundamental social change.
  6. Marxism is the theory of revolutionary socialist change. It is scientific and materialist. It is a method of rigorous analysis and ruthless criticism of capitalism. It provides the tools to help us learn from history and previous class struggles. It helps to guide the working-class to achieve its most important task – the overthrow of capitalism and the creation of a new, classless, stateless society, without exploitation, poverty, wars, and climate catastrophe.
  7. Below are some of the basic ideas of Marxism that we share. There are other aspects where we will disagree and debate. This is inevitable. Through disagreement and discussion we can clarify our ideas. We can learn from studying together. We are open, welcoming and encourage disagreement and questions. Join us.
    • Under capitalism, production is carried out to make a profit for the few, regardless of the needs of society or damage to the environment.  Capitalism does not and cannot be made to work in the interests of the majority. Its state and institutions will have to be replaced by ones that act in the interests of the majority.
    • Socialism means complete political, social and economic democracy. It requires a fundamental breach with capitalism. It means a society in which wealth and the means of production are no longer in the hands of the few but are owned in common. Everyone will have the right to participate in deciding how that wealth is used and how production is planned to meet the needs of all, and to protect the natural world on which we depend. 
    • We reject the idea that the undemocratic regimes that existed in the former Soviet Union and other countries, or modern China, were/are socialist.
    • Socialism has to be international. The interests of the working class are the same everywhere. We reject the idea that there is a national solution to the problems of capitalism. We stand for the maximum solidarity and cooperation between the working class in Britain and elsewhere.
    • The aim of the socialist movement is to win the support of the working class to bring about the socialist transformation of society, which can only be accomplished by the working class itself acting democratically as the majority in society.
    • So long as the working class is not able to win power for itself socialists participate in all working-class campaigns to defend past gains and to improve living standards and democratic rights. We recognise, however, that any reforms will only be partial and under threat so long as capitalism continues.
    • The aim of socialists is to win power to end capitalism, not to manage it.